Friday, March 25, 2011

Harry Potter and Co

Im doing a series of Harry Potter characters at the moment - after modified cross stitch patterns - and I could use some help.

Im working on some small additions someone inspired me to; giving each character a personal item to hold :D Some I will do in mini beads others in other materials. If you have input that would be nice; I cant quite decide what to choose for them all...

Harry: snitch? Hedwig? broomstick?

Hermione: book (Hogwarts a history)

Ron: rat? broken wand? broomstick? deluminator?

Ginny: Arnold, the purple pygmy puff

Neville: Trevor, the toad

Luna: The Quibbler

Draco: stack of coins? dark mark?

Fleur: mirror? heart? shell?

Snape: potion bottle

Dumbledore: pair of socks

McGonagall: cat? stack of books? scroll?

Hagrid: pink umbrella

Mrs Weasley: knitting needles and yarn

Mr Weasley: plug

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