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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where to find inspiration?

Beader's block? Never again! Mostly my problem isnt to find something to bead but to choose between the abundance of ideas I have. So when searching for images its important to have a theme in mind to help focusing.
If searching for video game sprites there are several sites with good archives; the most known is where there are regular updates. In my links list you can find more sprite sites.
I also like to see finished projects - those I find on flikr, deviantart and Pixelgasm is a great place for inspiration, tutorials, supply advice etc.
If youre looking for something to do with/for your kids PerlerBeads site has plenty of good projects - I especially like the 3D ones. Hama's site is still rather new but has a few patterns.
If you like to make photos/images into beads (using perler or photo pearls) Ive found a lot of interesting images on deviantart.
And remember when searching that cross stitch patterns can be beaded very easily too!! Besides sprites  patterns Ive been inspired by the Prairie Schooler Patterns.
Do you have a good site where you find inspiration? Id love to put it up here then :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Harry Potter and Co

Im doing a series of Harry Potter characters at the moment - after modified cross stitch patterns - and I could use some help.

Im working on some small additions someone inspired me to; giving each character a personal item to hold :D Some I will do in mini beads others in other materials. If you have input that would be nice; I cant quite decide what to choose for them all...

Harry: snitch? Hedwig? broomstick?

Hermione: book (Hogwarts a history)

Ron: rat? broken wand? broomstick? deluminator?

Ginny: Arnold, the purple pygmy puff

Neville: Trevor, the toad

Luna: The Quibbler

Draco: stack of coins? dark mark?

Fleur: mirror? heart? shell?

Snape: potion bottle

Dumbledore: pair of socks

McGonagall: cat? stack of books? scroll?

Hagrid: pink umbrella

Mrs Weasley: knitting needles and yarn

Mr Weasley: plug

Hit by the Bead Disease

An innocent google search - for what I dont remember - took me to PerlerBeads site where I found some 3D fuse bead projects. Now growing up in Denmark I have of course played with fuse beads as Hama is a Danish company - but to make something in 3D was completely new.
Then I went back to google to search for patterns and kept getting refered to - I joined and... the Bead Disease had me in its grip!!!
I want this blog to be a place where I gather all the things I use for my beadmania; photos of my projects, pattern programmes, useful links, inspiration... - so others can use them as well.
Comments and questions are very welcome :)